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It is 1564, and Grace Heydon is looking for love. As the daughter of a wealthy landowner living in York, England, she has a responsibility to marry well, both for herself and her family, as her widower father has no male heir.

Attending a masquerade ball held by a long-time friend and neighbour, Grace believes she may have found the love she seeks hidden behind a beautiful mask. Alas, it is a case of mistaken identity, one that may haunt Grace for eternity. She spurns the attention of a merchant who turns out to be a sorcerer, and his revenge will last longer than she can imagine—Grace can no longer die. Determined to end her curse, she spends centuries hunting the man who altered her destiny. Along the way she befriends witches, escapes from a madman, helps a werewolf, and meets a man who changes her views on her eternal life.